Bernard Amankwah: Foolishness dignified in music industry

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Bernard Amankwa on silly songsh
Gospel musician, Bernard Amankwah
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Currently, when Ghanaian Gospel artiste, Bernard Amankwah takes a look at the music industry in Ghana currently, it is not one that he is proud of thus he is leading a campaign to address what he describes as “an error to the creative industry”.

Last Monday, Bernard Amankwah was in the offices of the Graphic Showbiz to express his displeasure about the current state of the music industry and called for support from well-meaning Ghanaians to sanitize the system.

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Starting his submission with a Bible verse in Ecclesiastes 5: 10, he said that it was part of his godly duties to point out the errors in the society as he had seen “an evil under the sun” which he needed to address.

The “evil under the sun”, as he mentioned to Showbiz, was how Ghanaians were hailing silly songs as creativity.

“Foolishness is being dignified in Ghana lately because on our music front now, those who write good music are treated with contempt.

"Is it not interesting that songs that don’t make sense are hailed. That shows that there’s something wrong with us as a people.

“Music help shape our social and economic development and here we are as a nation, promoting songs that are breaking and lowering the standards of our society in the name of creativity.

"This should not be allowed otherwise, we will live to regret it as a nation,” Bernard Amankwah stated.

He argued that music is supposed to be done by deep thinkers but the media has succeeded in projecting irresponsible artistes as “drum majors” directing the society with their negative vices.

“I can understand that the media houses want the audience but we can’t allow just anything on our platforms because of competition.

"We are heading for doom by celebrating people who don’t have manners and giving them unnecessary attention,” he said.

Apart from the media, the Remember Me artiste also blamed music producers for being the main architects of silly songs.

“Perhaps, we need to tell our music producers to be mature by helping our artistes, especially the young ones to come out with good songs to help shape the society adding, “Our moral values are ignored because foolishness has been institutionalised.”.

But all seemed not to be lost for Bernard Amankwah who said the works of Ghanaian music legends like Daddy Lumba, Kojo Antwi, Amakye Dede were available for reference and to teach the young ones the essence of producing songs which talk about the lessons of life.

“It is better to tackle this issue at its young stage before it gets out of hand. The likes of America, for instance, are dealing with many murder cases and hooliganism has always been on the rise because of the popularity of HipHop music.

"Do you know why? Because it promotes violent behaviour among the youth and we don’t wish to get there,” Bernard Amankwah stated.