Beefs not preserve of ‘seniors’—Freda Rhymz

By: Delali Sika
Freda Rhymz defends diss song
Rapper Freda Rhymz
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IN the last couple of weeks, there seem to be no love lost among rappers Eno Barony, Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz as they remain committed throwing lyrical punches at each other by dropping diss songs back to back.

And while their fans have cheered them on to pummel each other mercilessly, many are those who believe new entrant in the music industry, Freda Rhymz, is too young to get into such a fight with her ‘seniors’.

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But the MTN Hitmaker Season 6 winner, who seems to be spoilt for a fight disagrees saying lyrical beef is not the preserve of established artistes.

According to Freda Rhymz, it doesn’t matter how long you have been in the game, once you have been dealt a blow, you need to defend yourself.

Rapper Eno Barony

“A beef is not a personal thing; it is all about creativity and that is exactly what I am doing. It doesn’t matter who is new or old in the game, once you have what it takes to get your works out there, you should be able to do it.”

“I would not just sit down and allow someone intimidate me just because I am new. No. We all have our opinions and instead of ranting through texts, I decided to do mine on a beat.

"Time and tide waits for no man, so if I am not able to respond now, when will I do that?”

“What I am doing is in the right direction. Again no one is too big for the game. If for nothing at all, I am being interviewed now because I responded.

"So you see, irrespective of whom you are in this game, you can do it. My response is necessary,” Freda Rhymz told Graphic Showbiz on Tuesday, May 12.

Answering if she would be able to face any of the ladies should they meet in person, she said, “yes I will. This is nothing personal like I said earlier.

"It is just showbiz so yes I can face them but as to whether they will respond to my greetings is another thing but on my side, it’s all love”, she added.

Sista Afia

Unlike others who take advantage of beefs to release songs, Freda Rhymz said she has no plans of doing that, “I do not intend to release any song for now. My team and I believe that at the right time, things will fall in place and we will come out.”

In her Point of Correction which is a response to Sista Afia's U Got Nerves and Eno's Rap Goddess and Argument Done, she made some damning revelations but Freda defended them saying, “I just gave them what they gave to me.

"The songs released by the others had some nasty things about me, so I just responded in equal measure.

"I mean if you tell me, I love you, I will respond with I love you back. You get what you throw at me", she said.

Touching on COVID-19, Freda Rhymz said it did not only affect her shows but her recording sessions too. “I was supposed to go on an European tour and all but they all came to a halt.

"Again, I couldn’t go to the studio to record songs because one could be certain of who had been in the studios and if the person had the virus or not. The pandemic has affected me a great deal but I am sure that very soon, everything will be fine", she added.

Freda Rhymz had a piece of advice for her fans, “Adhere to all the precautionary measures from our health experts— stay home if you have nothing doing in town, use alcohol-based hand sanitisers, wash your hands with soap under running water often, among others.”