ASAP Rocky trial: Swedish judge temporarily releases rapper

ASAP Rocky temporarily released from custody
ASAP Rocky
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ASAP Rocky has temporarily been released from custody in Sweden.

The 30-year-old, real name Rakim Mayers, will be freed until a judge returns a verdict in the assault trial on 14 August.

He and two of his entourage have pleaded not guilty to assaulting a 19-year-old man in Stockholm in June.

Over the past week, a court has heard evidence and testimonies about the brawl, which led to ASAP Rocky's detention in the country.

The rapper has said he and two other men - Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers - were acting in self-defence.

Previously, ASAP Rocky was asked to tell the court what happened outside the Max burger chain on 30 June.

In court on Friday, the prosecution said ASAP Rocky and his companions had "every possibility" to leave the scene and that they were not in a position where they needed to use "self-defence".

During his summing up, prosecution Daniel Suneson told the Stockholm District Court the rapper should be jailed for about six months.

ASAP Rocky's defence lawyer argued the incident was not a pre-meditated group assault and the rapper should be set free.

Earlier this week, ASAP Rocky said that he and his team had felt threatened by the people they clashed with and said he is not looking for money but wants justice and for his name to be cleared.

Much of the trial has centred around analysing videos and whether bottles had been used as weapons during the alleged assault.

The rapper did not deny he is holding a glass bottle in his hand - but says he picked it up briefly before putting it back down.

The prosecution claimed this was used in the fight, but the US star insisted he did not use it to hurt the alleged victim.

On Friday, ASAP Rocky's bodyguard said the teenager had been "harassing" and "following" the group and "swung" at him prior to the fight.

The court also heard from a psychologist, who told the court the alleged victim is not sleeping at night, has lost concentration, and is afraid.

Earlier this week, the prosecution went through a detailed 522-page preliminary report, which contained extensive photographs of injuries the alleged victim suffered.

The man, who is not being named by media, has claimed damages of roughly £12,000 (139,700 Swedish Krona).

During his evidence, he told the court he was looking for a friend and first approached the rapper and his entourage to ask "if they knew where his mate was".

When asked by ASAP Rocky's lawyer if he knew the rapper was famous he said: "Honestly not."

Fans of the rapper have been gathering at court in Sweden in growing numbers over the week.

Patrick, 16, says he wants to "seek justice" and thinks the rapper has "lots of energy" and "good vibes".

He says the case could have a negative impact on Sweden in the future because he believes "other rappers won't come and do gigs".

20-year-old Arvin Flod says the case is the "biggest thing in Sweden right now", while his friend Martyna Lechowska, 20, doesn't think he should have been "locked in for such a long time" already.

If found guilty, the men on trial could face up to two years behind bars.

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