Adele earned £9m without releasing an album in 2017

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Adele earned almost £9 million last year despite not touring or releasing an album.

The 'Rolling In The Deep' hitmaker hasn't hit the road since her 15-month world tour - which kicked off in 2016 - and her most recent record '25' came out in 2015.

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As reported by The Sun newspaper, the star - who wrapped up her global run of shows last summer - still made over £8.6 million in profit after taxes, according to her latest companies' accounts.

It works out at earning of £23,719 a day, and it's said the balance sheets lodged at Companies House reveal she has almost £41 million ''cash in the bank''.

Adele's two companies looking after album sales and royalties - Melted Stone Ltd and Melted Stone Publishing Ltd - have been performing well, with net profits of £483,546 and £8,173,994 respectively.

In February, it was also revealed that the star made £142 million through ticket sales and souvenirs from her Adele Live tour.

While she personally made £42 million from it, her company Remedy Touring LLP took home £70 million profit.

In the past, Adele has hit out at the amount of tax she has to pay on her huge fortune, and has made no secret of that fact she thinks it's a ridiculous figure.

She previously said: ''I'm mortified to have to pay 50 percent. I use the NHS, I can't use public transport any more.

''Trains are always late, most state schools are s**t, and I've gotta give you, like, four million quid - are you having a laugh? When I got my tax bill in from 19, I was ready to go and buy a gun and randomly open fire.''

The star is currently in the UK working on her next album with plans to release the LP by Christmas 2019.