We were complacent – Bill Asamoah on movie industry woes

By: Kofi Duah
Bill Asamoah says movie industry decline due to complacency
Bill Asamoah

DISCUSSIONS about why the Ghanaian movie industry has gone down continue to go on among stakeholders. And for Kumawood actor, Bill Asamoah, complacency is the reason why the industry is where it is now.

“We were too comfortable and never thought there will be a time the VCD will just die out. We never thought for a moment the industry will decline because there was still demand for VCDs and the market was great.

"The producers, marketers and distributors did not think ahead of time that is why we are here today. If they had realised that in years to come VCDs will fade out and we will be watching movies on the internet or in cinemas, we will not be where we are now,” he told Graphic Showbiz last week.

According to Bill Asamoah, it will be wrong for anyone to say that the movie industry is completely dead.

“I disagree with anyone who says the movie industry is dead. Things have changed and we are now trying to adjust. Every now and then producers release movies and premiere them at the cinemas.

"It is a bit slow but we are picking up. Everything just moved too quickly and we couldn’t move with the pace. I don’t even want to hear the statement that the movie industry is dead,” he said.

Bill Asamoah explained that the Internet is now everything and that is the reason why most movie producers are putting their films on Youtube and other platforms to make money.

He applauded some of the Kumawood actors such as Kwaku Manu, Ras Nene and other actors who are now making money on Youtube with their own shows.

As an actor who has been around for close to two decades and shot movies including Someone Call 911, Mente M’akoma, Agya Enye Me Pe, Invisible Husband, Bonsam Asi Asaase So, Church Palava and Fakye Me, Bill Asamoah disclosed that he now helps in teaching some of the young producers the rudiments of the job.

“I realised that some of these new producers have very good scripts but lack some technical know-how and that is when I come in. I have helped a lot of such producers to be better producers,” he said.

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