GH film industry will pick up again—Ecow

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
 Ecow Smith-Asante
Actress Ecow Smith-Asante
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That the local movie industry has gone down drastically cannot be disputed by anyone, but one person who believes that it will pick up soon is actor Ecow Smith-Asante.

Speaking with Showbiz last Tuesday, the good-looking actor admitted that the industry had slowed down.

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“I think we slowed down a bit but a lot of talks are currently going on to make the industry vibrant, again—the Film Bill and the passing of the LIs etc.

"A lot is going on behind the scenes to get the government’s attention; so much work is being done to get things in place,” he said.

Ecow added that he had shot three movies this year, including Game of Class which was premiered in Kumasi in the middle of the year, saying: “I am currently on location shooting a television series which will hit the screens very soon.”

Asked why he hadn’t featured in any Kumawood movie, Ecow said he hadn’t been tried even though he was among the pioneers who did local movies way back.

“Nobody has approached me, I haven’t been tried because I am seen as an English-speaking actor.

"I am Akuapim and Fante so I can easily communicate in Twi but I just haven’t been tried,” he explained.

For someone who started from the stage and still does stage productions, Ecow believes that the challenges with the stage have to do finances and passion.

“Groups that can pay are very limited so those who pay are very few,” he said.

If he were to come back in another life, would Ecow still be an actor?

“As an actor, it opens a lot of doors for you, you meet a lot of people all over the world and become an international icon. I am a trained teacher, acting comes to me naturally.

"If I am to come back and be born in Ghana, I will read law and act, and if I am born in another continent, I will still be in show business,” he said.

Ecow had a piece of advice for aspiring actors, especially those who were in a hurry to become stars.

“It’s been a bouncy road, it’s been a no-go area from childhood where parents will oppose but things are different now.

"I wanted to be like Fred Amugi, David Dontoh and Oscar Provencal, fortunately I got the chance to act with them.

“With gradual training, you can be better than me, fortunately for you systems are being put in place to make things work for you.

"Don’t rush to come on television, if you are desperate, especially the females, people will use you and dump you. Take your time, master your craft and you will get there,” he said.