Sometimes in Yesterday throws spotlight on rape

By: Jerry Wonder
Fella(middle) and Too Sweet Annan(right)
Fella and Too Sweet starr in Sometimes in Yesterday

MOVIE lovers were last Friday, July 13, treated to a screening of award winning director, Pascal Amanfo’s latest creation, Sometimes in Yesterday at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra.

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Sometimes in Yesterday, which is themed on rape and its psychological effects on women, drew an impressive number of people who witnessed dramatic performances by a cast including Jessica Larny, Fella Makafui, Too Sweet Annan, and others.

Sometimes in Yesterday tells the story of a young lady who as a result of being repeatedly raped by her uncle when she was younger, becomes traumatised and embarks on a mission to seek revenge on her abusers.

Although her stepmother and her her best friend try as much as they can to get her to let go of her bitterness, she refuses to let go of her intense hatred for such men.

Actress Jessica Larny delivers a strong performance as the lead character and the supporting cast of Fella Makafui, Kalsoume Sinare, Too Sweet Annan also give good accounts of themselves.

Producer of the Sometimes in Yesterday, Emeka Okpara, told Showbiz it was necessary to remind the public that the issue of rape is still affecting women and there was no better way to drive home that point than through the movie.

In response to claims of bias in portraying only women as victims of rape, Emeka said the area of focus was motivated by adequate research on the rape statistics in some parts of Ghana.

He said “According to our research, rape is on the rise in some parts of Ghana, it's just that people don't talk about it and the female victims don't receive help from the appropriate authorities.

“So they go through a lot of pain and trauma, and this sometimes goes a long way in affecting them in their relationships and marriages”, he added.

Some patrons after the showing

Although many members of the audience enjoyed Sometimes in Yesterday, some said they were expecting more.

Princess Morgan, a student said "It was a good movie, but I thought I was going to see a lot more sex scenes."

Kwame Nkrabea, a university graduate, said "I like the fact that rape is still being talked about because it exists, but I wanted to see what happened to the main character afterwards and whether she was able to move on. I think the story shouldn't end at where it did in the movie."