Some GH celebs are selfish —Fatimah Adeoye

By: Delali Sika
Actress Fatimah

Actress Fatimah Adeoye has described some Ghanaian actors as hypocrites because they do not practise what they preach.

The 2015 Discovery of the Year at the City Peoples Entertainment Awards believes at a time when players in the movie industry have been saying one of the things to save the frail movie industry is support for each other, they are the same ones who will not butt an eye when approached for help.

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“There are too many fake people in the Ghanaian movie industry. Infact, there too many fake people in our entertainmnet industry.

"They will call for us to support each other infront of the cameras and on social media but will quickly turn their backs on you when you call on them for help.

“We have loads of up and coming actors, musicians, comedians etc but they don’t have the platform to showcase their talent and when they meet our so called celebrities to help them, they will not even mind them,” Fatimah told Showbiz.

“Just some weeks ago, I decided to come up with a project as an actress and I sent it to some colleagues to help me by posting it on their social media pages. Could you imagine none of them posted it.

"The feedback I got from one of them was that, I would outshine the person. How can we be preaching support your own in our industry when we do not do it,” Fatimah queried.

“Initially, I decided to let it go but I got pissed off when I went on social media to see these same people posting things about how we have to help each other get to the top.

"These things are happening, someone needs to bring it up and I want to be that person,” she said.

“You shoot a video, movie or do a song with a known artiste or actor, you pay them for the work but it’s really hard for them to even promote their own work all because the person that featured them is not known or they are scared the person will take their shine.

"This I think must stop otherwise, our dying movie industry will breath its last very soon,” Fatimah told Showbiz.