Ingrid Alabi slams celebs addicted to social media

By: Kofi Duah and Lumina Mensah
Ingrid Alabi
Actress Ingrid Alabi

ACTRESS Ingrid Alabi has described celebs who are addicted to social media and spend all their time there as attention seekers.

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They are always on social media no matter what time of day, sharing details that people would think they should keep hidden among other things.

Although she admits in today’s world, it is impossible to do without social media and it stands to reason celebs will make use of it, she thinks virtually living there borders on attention seeking.

“Social media is a place where most people market their products or address a particular issue but it appears our celebrities are abusing it. It is not necessary to post semi nude pictures or be loud there for nothing.

“In as much as I understand the movie industry is slow, seeking attention on social media to me is not the best. It’s unfortunate some of our celebrities cannot do without it,” she told Showbiz on Monday.

Ingrid Alabi says she hardly goes on social media if she has no information to put across. “Although I see whatever is happening there, hardly do I comment or contribute to anything there. I only go there to promote a movie or a product.

“The celebrities themselves know what they are looking for on social media but for me it’s not prudent being loud there for nothing,” she said.

“Gone are the days when you are seen on TV or trending because you have something positive to offer but now everyone is posting unnecessary stuff,” she added.

Away from social media, Ingrid Alabi who last year told Showbiz she was single and ready for a man still maintains that she is still very much available.

Known for movies such as Adam The Eve, Impotent Man, Final Innocent Man, My Husband Is The Problem and Testing Waters, Ingrid Alabi is on set shooting her latest movie.

The 32-year-old beautiful lady said although the movie industry is not doing well now, it can bounce back again if the government lends its support.

“I personally plead with government to give us the needed support to help lift the image of the movie industry once again,” Ingrid Alabi added.