Rosemond Brown claims celebs are shunning her

By: Kofi Duah
Rosemond Brown celebs shun her
Rosemond Brown aka Akuapim Polo

ACTRESS Rosemond Brown who also goes by the name, Akuapim Polo, has in the last six months attracted a lot of attention with her controversial statements and the kind of videos she posts on social media.

She has not been shy to talk about her sexual partners even going further to name some of them and has also been critical about some of her colleagues.

While some love her frankness and openness, others are put off by her statements and feel she is just trying to gain popularity by being controversial.

And it seems her ‘haters’ might be more than her lovers because Rosemond told Showbiz in an interview recently that a number of celebrities are shunning her because they believe she is uncultured.

According to her, she is disappointed that a lot of celebrities don’t want to have anything to with her.

“Some even told me in the face that if I was attending the same event they’ve also been invited to then they are not coming because they don’t want to see me there.

“I feel very bad that my own colleagues can do this to me. I am a very nice person when you get close to me. I cannot even post pictures of events I have been invited to for fear of the other celebrities not turning up,” she said.

According to Rosemond, she is trying to get answers to why the celebs shun her because she knows she is not uncultured.

“If those in showbiz are having difficulty understanding me, what about the general public?, she queried.

“ It worries me a lot me because most of them are older than me and I expect them to let me know what they don’t like about me instead of shunning me,” she added.

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Exhibiting a bit of her frankness, Rosemond Brown said she will soon rise to the top and those who are shunning her will be ashamed.

 “I feel I am doing well and very soon, I will be bigger than the celebrities who are refusing to get close to me now,” she said.

Known for movies like Phone Shop, Odo Lastic, Sala and TV series Obra and Efiewura, Rosemond apologised to anyone she has offended with her videos or comments.

“Most of the videos I do are commissioned by the artistes themselves but I am someone who prefers to speak the truth and I am sorry if I have hurt anyone in the process,” she said.