Cinewax Online African Film Festival underway

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Online African Film Festival
The media and some participants at the launch of the Online African Film festival

The Cinewax Online African Film Festival is currently ongoing in some selected cities including Accra, Paris, Johannesburg, Brussels and Cairo.

The Online African Film Festival, being organised by Cinewax, a film production company based in France started on Thursday, November 15.

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It was launched in the various cities on Saturday, November 17 with the Accra one hosted at the Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra Mall.

The opening film at the Online African Film Festival was a Nigerian movie titled Kasala. It looks at the issue of poverty in some African countries where people cannot access healthcare and basic amenities like food and shelter.

The story however is focused on four friends who set out to attend a party.  One of them borrows his uncle’s car to transport them to the party. While at the party someone comes to tell Chikobi, one of the guys that their car wasn’t properly parked.

Instead of him telling TJ (the one who brought the car), he went out to move the car himself and in the process bashed it badly cracking the windscreen and all. Now, they are in real trouble as they have to fix the car before TJ returns it safely to his uncle.

Drama unfolds as they set out to raise 20,000 Naira, the amount requested by the mechanic to fix the car. Are they successful? What happens to TJ and what does his uncle do to him when he eventually sees his car? Too much ‘wahala’ in one movie.

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A panel session followed after the movie moderated by Ghanaian actor Solomon Fixon-Owoo and the panel members were Funmi Onuma of the Silverbird Group, Peter Sedufia, a  Ghanaian Film Director and Molatelo Manetje, a South African Film Director. It was under the theme, Ghanaian Film Industry and Digital Opportunities.

Molatelo opined that we need good infrastructure to stream online, “ We need to up our game as filmmakers to meet the expectations of consumers.”

On his part, Peter Sedufia said it was very important to take movies to the airlines, “My movie Keteke is on nine airlines while Side Chic Gang is on six airlines, that way, we are able to air our art around. Apart from online, we should look at other platforms,” he said.

Funmi added that film premieres serve as an outdooring for the movies, “Online screening makes it possible to watch movies anywhere in the world regardless of where the movie was made.”

The month long Cinewax Online African Film Festival will go on till December 15.