Film industry blues: Eddie Watson relocates to Naija

By: Delali Sika
Actor Eddie Watson
Actor Eddie Watson
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NOW, while many players in the Ghanaian movie industry are involved in many money making ventures in order to survive, actor Eddie Watson has taken it a step further by relocating to Nigeria where the market is bigger and regular work is assured.

When Showbiz ran into the Single and Married actor at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) in Lagos, Nigeria, last Saturday, he disclosed that the state of the Ghanaian movie industry and financial considerations made him take that step.

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“Nigeria is big and the market here is good as well so the returns are good too. My family is in the United States too so I have time to move around and work. That does not mean I do not come to Ghana, I do as and when I am called to work but Nigeria has more to offer,” Eddie Watson said.

Eddie Watson told Showbiz that although the slow down in the Ghanaian film industry has made him relocate, he believes our productions are the best.

“I have been working in Nigeria for some time since I relocated here, it has been a busy schedule since I came some months ago but this is not to say Nigeria’s industry is better than Ghana’s because in Ghana, we have the best productions. I mean we take time to shoot movies etc but the work flow in Nigeria is more,” he stated.

Eddie Watson's professional acting career started in 2010 with the movie Labour of Love; he later starred in Somewhere in Africa, where he had a supporting role which earned him a nomination at the Nollywood & African Films Critics Awards (NAFCA).

The following year, Eddie Watson had roles in movies like A Reason to Kill and Single Six and he made his first foray into Nollywood when he starred alongside Queen Nwokoye in Desperate Heart.

With movies like Single and Married in 2012, House of Gold, Letters to My Mother and Purple Rose in 2013, the actor soon became one to watch with his good looks and acting skills.

The year 2014 was a bitter sweet year for Watson as his home country, Liberia was one of the worst affected by the Ebola crisis; the disease killed about 11,207 people in Liberia, neighbouring Guinea and Sierra Leone from 2013 according to the World Health Organisation.

Around 43 percent of those deaths were in Liberia, where the epidemic peaked between August and October with hundreds of cases a week. Inspired by the crisis, Eddie Watson wrote, produced and directed a short film titled Ebola.