Jodie Foster: 50 is transitional phase for actors

Jodie Foster
Actress Jodie Foster is also a film director

Jodie Foster thinks actors reach a ''transitional'' phase in their careers after turning 50.

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The 55-year-old actress - who has also enjoyed success as a director - has claimed that the landscape changes for performers the moment they celebrate their landmark birthday.

Jodie Foster explained: ''Being in your 50s is a transitional period for actors - you're not old enough to play the old characters and not young enough to play the young ones, so I felt like, OK, this is my time to direct.''

Despite this, Jodie Foster is philosophical about the state of her own career, saying it's something she's been preparing for.

The Hollywood star ''made hay'' during her youth and she's now happy to express herself through her directing.

Jodie - who appears in the new crime movie 'Hotel Artemis' - told the Guardian newspaper: ''It's just what happens - it's normal. There are just not that many roles for this age.

''But I anticipated it and I feel like I made hay in my younger years and I can express myself by directing. But once in a while something original comes along that isn't just another franchise.''

Jodie remains one of Hollywood's best-known stars, but the actress insists she's never wanted ''a career for a career's sake''.

Reflecting on her approach to her profession, she explained: ''I was never interested in a career for a career's sake. I just wanted to tell the stories I find interesting and I wasn't very good playing the girlfriend, so, nope, I never did that. I just worked when I found something that moved me.''