I won’t lose weight for any man —Roselyn Ngissah

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Roselyn Ngissah no weight loss
Roselyn Ngissah
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ANYONE who has ever been in love will attest to the fact that there are certain things we will do just to please our significant others. It could be a change in fashion taste or a change in lifestyle.

One of the thorny issues has to do with body size. There are a number of stories about people who have gone to extreme lengths to either lose weight or gain it because their partners want them to be a certain way.

However, plus sized actress, Roselyn Ngissah, says there is no way she will lose weight just to please a man.

“I have never had to try to lose weight for man and I will never do it because he knew this was me before coming. I only lose or will try to lose weight for health reasons,” she told Showbiz in an interview.
Ever since she burst onto the movie scene about a decade ago, Roselyn has always been plus sized and she said she is very comfortable in her own skin and does not feel too conscious about her weight.

Roselyn added that she would not like to change anything about herself but would like to soar higher than where she has gotten to in her career.

“I am grateful to God for how far He has brought me and I can only hope to soar higher and higher.”

Although she is currently in a relationship, Roselyn said her ideal man must be God fearing, respectful and very responsible.

The 4 Play actress, who returned from Lagos nearly three weeks ago where she shot a movie said she wouldn’t mind acting in Kumawood movies if given the opportunity.

“Why not? I would. Once I am given the opportunity I would, as an actress I shouldn’t limit myself to only English speaking movies. I should show my versatility by my ability to act in both glamour and Kumawood movies,” she said.

Roselyn said she is also into selling and buying and she does that to supplement what she makes from acting.

Roselyn Ngissah has acted in several movies both in Ghana and Nigeria including 4 Play, Adams Apples, 32 and Super Single, Marriage or Prison, Memory of Love and Betrayed Confidence.

Others are Office Couple, Enemy Within, The Right Man, Secret Romance, Breaking The Rules, In Love With Someone Else, Married to a Stranger and I Do.

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