I was forced into acting - Yaa Jackson says

By: Delali Sika
Yaa Jackson forced into acting
Yaa Jackson

For many people, they chose to follow their hearts and passion to go into their profession but Kumawood actress, Yaa Jackson, has said acting is not her first choice and she was forced into it.

“My dad is a movie producer so he got me into it. Honestly it was forced on me, acting is not something I want or have love or passion for. I did my first movie when I was about a year old and then when I turned 12, it continued,” she said in a recent interview on the Delay Show.

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According to Yaa Jackson, what she rather has love for is modelling and music. "Another thing I have love for is makeup, I would want to have a makeup shop some day,” she said.

Touching on rumours that she once dated fellow young actor Rahim Banda, the 17-year-old explained that Banda was like a brother to her and she will not date him because he did not have the means to buy her a brand new car, which is popularly called ‘tear rubber.’

“I didn’t date him, Rahim is like a brother to me, I do not how that news came about. I only posted my chat with him on Instagram and then the media took it and claimed that we were dating. Apart from that, he doesn’t have money to give me what I want,” she stated.

Yaa Jackson also stated in the interview that she is the second biggest actress in Kumawood, only beaten by Nana Ama McBrown.

“ I am part of the first 10 actresses, in fact I am number two, apart from Nana Ama McBrown who I will say comes first.”

Yaa Jackson, who has been out of the movie scene for some time now is out with a single she calls Tear Rubber where she warns any man who is not well off financially to stay away her.