I'm always a second option - Lydia Forson

By: Delali Sika
Lydia Forson second option
Lydia Forson

She is one of the best actresses Ghana can boast of and has had quite the career and that is why it is quite surprising to find out that Lydia Forson has not been a first choice option when it comes to casting. According to her, she has always been a second choice for producers and directors.

“I don’t know, I have always been a second option whenever they are choosing roles, and sometimes I go like hello, I am here but then it was ok.

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"I remember my first role, I was called because the actress that was supposed to take that role cancelled at the last minute and they needed a replacement and it’s been like that,” she said in an interview with AJ Sarpong on Hall Of Fame on Citi TV.

This will certainly be a blow to the ego for anyone but Lydia Forson says she does not have issues with it. “I am really cool with it, I do not feel bad at all rather I look at the positive side.

"You know fame is great, it is easy for actors to get complacent, they do not read their scripts because they feel they are there and all but for me, I have to do extra and it keeps me on my toes. When I am called to replace someone, I have to do extremely better.”

The wide ranging interview also touched on politics and Lydia Forson, who has been very vocal about it especially on social media did not mince her words when she said the current government has not lived up to her expectations.

“No, absolutely not; you know when they won the election I wrote a piece, it was supposed to feature in the New African Woman. I said that they were setting themselves up for failure.

"My article was based on their social media promises, they wanted to win by any means necessary. But I think when you have been in opposition for a very long time you forget what is like to be the head that wears the crown,” she said.

Some of the movies Lydia Forson has starred in are Run Baby Run, Scorned, Phone Swap, Perfect Picture, A Sting in a Tale, Keteke, Side Chic Gang, A Letter From Adam among others.

She recently won Best Supporting Actress Movie/TV Series at the Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards (AMVCAs) for her role as Kukua in the movie, Isoken.