I don’t allow fame to get into my head - Lil Win

By: Kofi Duah
Lil Win not allowing fame get into his head
Kwadwo Nkansah aka Lil Win

WONDERING how actor, Kwadwo Nkansah, popularly known as Lil Win has been able to stay relevant since he burst onto the scene about a decade age? Well, he has told Showbiz that one of his secrets is that he is not allowing stardom get into his head.

“The day I feel I am a star and start acting like that, I will look down on other people. I am not that kind of person because it is my fans who got me where I am now,” he told Showbiz recently.

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According to him, his mum sometimes gets worried about the way he lives his life. “Recently I was on a bicycle roaming the streets of Kumasi and she was worried because someone could do something to me.

“I could have hired security to follow me wherever I go but that is not really important because I live a simple life. It has never crossed my mind that someone can harm me. Can you imagine if I start snubbing my fans who always want to take pictures with me? Lil Win asked.

"I always say that a famous person who does not come close to his fans ends up fading away in no time. I am a down to earth person and I know more things are coming my way," he added.

Lil Win, who is also a musician revealed that he sometimes performs for free if he is made aware the organisers who invited him don’t have money.

“There are shows I played without taking a penny. I did it for my fans especially the kids who love me,” he said.

Talking about his music career, Lil Win, who has close to 20 singles to his credit said he is serious about it and wants to take it to the next level.

“I have songs like Anointing, Ladder, Mama Boss Papa, Kwadwo Nkansah, Edan Nkyen Mu, Oblogo, Choices, Akyire Asem, Nyame Gye Me, De3 Neto Soso, Eye Wo Dia, Meyare, Obumpa and I Don’t Think Far just to mention a few.

“I want to entertain my fans in all areas. I want to be able to engage my fans both on the screen and also on stage,” he noted.