I can never talk to Moesha Boduong - Salma Mumin

By: Delali Sika
Salma Mumin says she will never talk to Moesha Boduong
Salma Mumin
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THE feud between actresses Moesha Boduong and Salma Mumin seems to have gotten worse.

About two months ago, there were rumours that the two were not talking to each other after they threw jabs at each other over butt surgery speculations on the part of Salma.

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They were both tight lipped on the issue but now Salma Mumin has confirmed the rumours. On a yet to be aired interview with actress, Emelia Brobbey on her Okukuseku Show on Adom TV, the actress said Moesha Boduong is not someone she can ever talk to.

"I am not sure but Moesha is not someone I can ever talk to, maybe in the future because I don't know what the future has to offer but as am I'm sitting here, no, I can never have any conversation with her," Salma said in answer to a question by Emelia about her relationship with Moesha.

When asked how she handles issues among industry players, she said, " I don't think about it, I don't keep it in me, I just let it go."

Salma also touched on the issue of her gossiping about female celebrities who have gone under the knife saying, I have never said anything like that. Why would I even go about commenting on that and on which platform," she said.

Some of the movies Salma, who celebrated her 30th birthday recently, has featured in include Passion and Soul, The Will, Seduction, No Apology, Purple Rose, Crazy, Five Brides, Happy Death Day and Family Album.