Chris Attoh thanks God as he gets married again

By: Delali Sika
Chris Attoh gets married again
Chris Attoh and Bettie Jennifer share a kiss

After the collapse of his first marriage to Nigerian actress, Damilola Adegbite, in 2017, actor Chris Attoh has found love again, this time to a woman from the Carribbean, Bettie Jennifer, who is based in the US.

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Chris tied the knot in a low profile ceremony at North Kaneshie, a suburb of Accra with a handful of family and friends of Chris and his love in attendance.

Not much was heard about his dating life after Chris' divorce so this has come as a surprise to many people.

Confirming his marriage to his new love, Chris took to Instagram to thank God for his mercies upon his life.

He wrote, “I want to thank God for his love and for hearing my prayers, indeed when the sun appears all things suddenly seen with clarity!!! Thank you God for a blessed day!!!”

In an interview earlier this year, Chris said the reason most marriages don’t work is that ‘we’ have forgotten what the fundamentals of marriage are.

“When you love someone it is important to be able to forgive, to be able to respect, to be able to submit. As a woman, you need to trust the captain of the ship. It’s really important if you want peace in your home,” he said.

However, he added that, he does not regret marrying Nigerian actress Damilola.

“I believe that life is too short for regrets and everything happens for a reason. I have a beautiful baby boy. I have a wealth of experience and I have a lot of work to do,” he added.

Just days before he got married again, his ex-wife Damilola also granted an interview to the Punch newspaper in Nigeria saying the next time she married, she would marry a real man.

“This time, I will be looking out for a man; he has to be a man (in the real sense of the word). I don’t try to foresee things as I prefer to live in the moment. I learnt a lot from my past experience (in marriage) and I may have to write a book about it.

"There are quite a lot of things and I wouldn’t want to single out one. If I single it out, it may seem like the most important one when it’s not so; they are all very important,” she noted.

Chris and his ex wife got married on February 14th, 2015. Their marriage lasted two years and a few months. The two have a son called Brian.

See Photos from the ceremony on Saturday.