Gilberte’s World shows at Goethe-Institut

By: John Owoo
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“GILBERTE’S World”, a film directed by David Asare Masterwille, will on Thursday, July 4, be screened at the Goethe-Institut in Accra.

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Indeed, a planned holiday on the beautiful Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius by Masterwille turned into a film making venture as his host, Gilberte, a renowned painter, suddenly suffers a mental breakdown, resulting in challenges to her career, relationships, physical and mental health.

Consequently, he becomes a pillar of support for Gilberte as she struggles through conflicts emanating from family, work and life in general.

During this critical period, the filmmaker kept his camera rolling thereby ending up with a film that depicts her day to day challenges and those around her.

Currently the Executive Director of TransSahara Pictures, a media content producing company based in Accra, Masterwille is also the founder of Films for Change and Development and has produced two successful films that have screened in festivals across the world.

Gold Is Here, his first feature documentary, won the best documentary film award at the Golden Movie Africa Awards in Accra (2016).

Goethe-Institut Ghana is sponsoring the screening.