Ghanaians don’t support their own – Liwin

By: Delali Sika
Actor and musician, Liwin
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Actor Liwin has asked Ghanaians who bash Kumawood actors for not featuring in English speaking movies both in Ghana and Nigeria because they cannot speak the Queen's language to rather channel their energies in supporting them.

“I would say this is the time for Ghanaians to support and love their own. People should stop tagging us as people who cannot speak English because we use our local dialect Twi in our movies.

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"Let me ask a question, the Chinese movies we watch, do they speak English? No, they don’t, rather the language is translated into English(subtitles) and shown on the screen so you follow the story and that is what we need here" he  told Abeiku Santana on the latest version on UTV’s Atuu.

“The truth is that, let us learn to rally behind what we have. Look if they say local language is not good then, I ask all media houses to stop broadcasting in Twi and only operate in English and let us see what will happen", he added.

On the show, Liwin also spoke about his famous ‘wee’ scandal at the Ghana Meet Naija in 2014.

According to him, that incident dealt him a big blow. He lost a MTN ambassadorial deal for which he felt he was not treated fairly.

“I had just been signed on to MTN and bill boards mounted with my pictures were all over the place only for me to wake up the following morning after the event to find all the billboards taken down.

"And it is because they said I brought ‘wee’ on stage. I was not even given the opportunity to explain myself.”

 Liwin denied he brought any narcotic substance on stage. “I did not bring anything like that on stage, I mean how can I do that? It is insane to say I will do that.

"What I had was pepper and powder and my intention was to rather talk against the use of narcotic substances but I was not even given the opportunity as my first sentence provoked the organisers to send me off stage', Liwin added.

In all this, Liwin says he has grown up and moved on. “In all things, we have to give thanks to God. Today, I am alive, I am here and all I can say is that, nothing can stop God from blessing you.

"When it is your time, it is your time", Liwin who is also a musician said.