Fans put too much pressure on celebs —Soraya

By: Kofi Duah
Soraya Mensah
Actress Soraya Mensah

ALTHOUGH actress Soraya Mensah admits in this world of showbusiness, fans are very important for celebrities, it is these same fans who put too much pressure on celebrities, pushing them into doing things they wouldn’t normally do.

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Many of our celebrities share a close bond with their fans and even have names for them like The Core for Lydia Forson, Dolphins for Sister Deborah, Shatta Movement for Shatta Wale among others.

“I know a lot of celebs who are forced to live fake lifestyles because of their fans. I don’t want to mention names but some celebs I know fly business class when indeed, they had to hustle to be able to afford the ticket.

"Others go through a lot to gather money just to purchase a particular dress for an occasion,” Soraya told Showbiz on Tuesday.

She explained that celebs cannot repeat outfits to events because their fans would make all kinds of negative comments should they dare to do so.

“Imagine if a celebrity wears a particular dress that has been worn sometime ago to another event and the host asks ‘who are you wearing’, it would be a huge embarrassment to that celebrity,“ she said.

Soraya said it was sad that some of her colleagues, instead of showing their talents, rather put on fancy dresses at events and keep up appearances of being rich when they are not.

She had a word for her colleagues, “Don’t try to impress your fans with the things you don’t have and rather exhibit your talent.

"The likes of Lilwin and a few others I know have sold their talents to their fans and they love them for who they are,” Soraya said.

Having featured in movies such as No Love No Wedding, Diary of Imogen, The Prince’s Bride, Supremo, Material Girl among others, Soraya Mensah said she has taken a break from the movie industry to pursue other interests.

“I am into catering services and my business is doing so well. Infact, I am very comfortable where I am and I thank God for that,” she said.

The mother of two also said she is happy to have married a humble and caring husband who sees to her everyday needs.

“My husband is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We are almost two years into our marriage and I have not regretted marrying him,” Soraya stated.