Ella Mensah: Cheating no big deal for me

By: Kofi Duah
Ella Mensah
Ella won't leave her man if he cheats on her

FOR some women, cheating is a deal breaker; they will quit any relationship or marriage should their partners cheat on them but actress Ella Mensah is not one of them. In fact, for her, she is not perturbed if her man has a wandering eye.

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According to the actress, she has come to accept the fact men are cheats by nature and will always find a way to go behind their wives’ backs so she won’t be stressed by that.

“If all women will come to terms with the fact that men cannot stop being unfaithful, I bet a lot of women will save their marriages.

“ I don’t see why women kick a fuss over their men cheating because it is part of their nature. Men of God have side chicks in the church and their wives are even aware so what is the big deal with cheating,” Ella Mensah  said.

In as much as she wouldn’t leave her man if he strays, Ella Mensah said a respectful man would at least hide his cheating from his wife.

“If a man truly loves his wife or fiancée, I think it’s best for him to hide his cheating habit from his sweetheart. It is better for a woman not to know that her man is two-timing,” she said.

However, for Ella the one thing that will get her to leave her marriage is if her partner is physically abusive.

“If even my marriage is a day old, I would quit. I just can’t stand a man who lays his hands on a woman. Nothing will make me stay with such a man. If he is hitting me today who knows what he can do next,” she said.

Ella Mensah disclosed that she had dumped two men because they tried to hit her during misunderstandings.

About her view on celebrity marriage, Ella, who has played roles in movies such as I’m About To Wed, Playboy, Pretty Queen, Shakira and Deadline said she would encourage everyone to marry because it is a good thing.

“I cherish marriage a lot and I know the benefits if you find the right partner. The fact that a celebrity had a failed marriage does not mean that others shouldn’t try,” she said.

Talking about her kind of man, Ella said she prefers a simple hardworking man who has a great sense of humour.

As a way of giving back to the society, Ella Mensah said she intends to build a home for aged people who have been abandoned.

“I don’t want to buy things and just give to them. I want to get a home for them and I have already acquired a plot of land for that purpose.

“I feel sad every time I visit the villages and see the aged abandoned because they have lost all their children. It is something I want to do and I know it shall come to pass,” she said.