Female celebs in “sex for favours” - Ecow Smith

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Ecow Smith female celebs sex for favours
Ecow Smith- Asante

EVER wondered how some of our Ghanaian female celebs fund the luxurious lifestyles they flaunt on social media?

While it is a fact that some of these celebs work hard in their chosen fields whilst others live on past glory, there are also those who rely on sugar daddies and rich boyfriends who give them lots of freebies.

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Popular Ghanaian actor, Ecow Smith Asante has alleged that some of these flamboyant female celebrities in Ghana we usually see travelling to places in the name of taking vacations are sponsored by big men in the country.

As a guest on “Gee Spot” hosted by Multimedia presenter, MzGee on Joy Prime, the popular screen and stage actor didn't disclose the names of these celebs but was confident about his allegations.

Ecow's response came on the back of a question MzGee asked about freebies male celebs get as against female celebs.

Whilst popular actress, Vicky Zugah, another guest on the show claimed that male celebs in Ghana receive more freebies but Ecow Smith disputed that stance revealing that in Nigeria for instance, there are some chiefs and rich big guys who come to Ghana who bet on our popular female celebs with the winner taking the celeb they win, away.

“You could have chiefs, big guys say these actors… they will come here and they will bet, you want Jaguar or Range, this guy say he could give you na … I mean the highest bidder gets it and then they fly you.

"You and the girls dey norr they go to Abuja and they are done, they go to Dubai and they are back; we all dey do the work oo but we no dey see top,” the actor alleged.

Ecow indicated that most of these big men who come and take our slay queens and female celebs are married but they want to get close to them because of the popularity of the celebs.