Don’t give up on movie industry—James Gardiner

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
James Gardiner
Actor James Gardiner
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ALTHOUGH the general impression is that the local movie industry is not doing well, actor James Gardiner thinks that it is growing and everyone should be optimistic.

“I feel like we are growing; in everything there will be challenges, everyone faces challenges so instead of bashing, let us all put in positive energy and give suggestions that will help the industry to grow.

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“Steadily we are getting there, we are filming, we are doing things outside the country, we are getting there gradually so we should not give up on our industry,” he said passionately.

According to James Gardiner, he had shot about four movies this year, one in Ghana and the rest in Nigeria. “I have also shot a series in Ghana, Entrapped by Smartty’s Productions, so you see, we are not doing badly at all,’ he said.

James Gardiner has been acting for the past 10 years and we asked him if he would like to try Kumawood movies.

“I don’t want to call them Kumawood, we are all the same, I have shot movies with Lilwin and Bishop and for me, if a producer is up to the task, I will work with him, I will do it, why not?,” he stated.

James Gardiner has played quite a number of romantic roles in his movie career so the next question is his best kiss.

“Best kiss? I honestly can’t say. You know there are lines to remember and you are working so you don’t pay attention to how good a kiss is.

"It is intentional so we don’t attach emotions to kissing scenes, you feel a little tense because it is out of your comfort zone,” he stated.

James Gardiner admitted that he was currently dating and would eventually settle down, “Once you are dating, you will eventually settle down, there is no definite time set but I will eventually do so at the right time.”

Asked how he dealt with attention from his female fans, this was what he had to say.

”There is a way you deal with people so you don’t send a wrong signal, I appreciate my fans and I love them to bits. I try as much as possible to be cool, calm and collected.

“I respond to them on Instagram and I relate to them well but in all of it, I try not to send the wrong signal, it’s humbling to know that people look up to me,” he stressed.

James Gardiner had some advice for everyone. “Don’t give up on the Ghana movie industry, we should try and patronise our movies. Let’s take particular interest in what we do in whichever small way we can, it’s for us all.”