Contoversies have worried me – Ecow Smith

By: Delali Sika
Ecow on controversies
Actor Ecow
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A LOT of celebrities in the showbiz industry claim to have developed thick skin when it comes to scandals and do not care when they’re involved in them but that’s not the case for actor, Ecow Smith-Asante.

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For the Brave Souls actor, controversies are a big deal and disturbing especially to a brand built over years.

In 2013, Ecow in an interview on Joy FM’s Rhythms A-Z show, attributed the declining state of the movie industry to Kumawood movies.

He went on to add that the target market for those ‘inferior’ movies are people in Asankragua, Sefwi Wiaso, ‘Yaw Wiaso’ and other places “who do not know jack about lighting, sound, good acting and other things and they are not ready to know.”

The backlash from his comments was swift with the likes of the Gyaasehene of Asankragua, Nana Adu Boahene I; actor, Kwaku Manu and producer, Paul Gee coming at him.

Ecow tells Showbiz in an interview recently that controversy was very worrying for him.

“I have had my share of scandals like the Kumasi issue, I got them coming at me and I did not enjoy it at all so for me, I will say yes I have said one or two things that may have caused mayhem.

“And trust me it was very disturbing and it’s not something I would want to encourage people getting themselves into. These things do not help people in anyway, you know, having built a brand for a long time,” he said.

In response to how he deals or has dealt with scandals, Ecow said, “I think the best way to deal with scandals is to keep quiet.

"Sometimes, you may get misquoted or people would not understand the message you intended to put out there so you just leave it.

“You see, the more you try to defend yourself or explain things, you will end up worsening situations by saying things that you are not supposed to so for me, I just explain to one or two people who I think matter and then I leave it at that”, he added

Moving on to other topics, Ecow debunked the assertion that stage actors are the best. “Being on stage gives you an added advantage and that is getting hold of your lines and delivering but that does not make you an exceptional actor.

“I know people who are stage actors but not good actors on screen. You know with the stage, you can exaggerate and shout but the screen is not like that, the effects and sound does all the above and many more for you,” he said.

He added, “most of the time, some stage actors do not know these things and so when they are on screen, you see them shouting and screaming, no, it is not done that way.”

Commenting on moves to revive the movie industry, Ecow said it is a great initiative and he is solidly behind all the people working together to make the revival a reality.

“It is good that the industry is being revived, you know when a team is doing well, it only means that the players will be happy too so yeah it is a good thing,” he stated.

Ecow Smith-Asante is a native of Mampong Akropong. After completing the Presbyterian Training College, Akropong, he was introduced to Freelance Players in 1994 by colleague actor, Wakefield Ackuaku, who was with the Nyankonton Players.

His big break came in 2003 when he landed the lead role in the movie Super Stars which also featured the late Suzzie Williams.

Since then, he has starred in many movies including Brave Souls, Royal Battle, Suffering to Lose among others.

He has also featured in TV series such as Sun City and Table of Men.