Actress Salma Mumin set to embark on charity tour

By: Antoanette Sedinam Akoto-Tenu
Salma Mumin to feed 600 children on charity tour
Actress Salma Mumin speaking at the launch of her foundation
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GHANAIAN actress Salma Mumin has launched her Salma Mumin Foundation, a non-profit organisation, with the passion to help the needy and underprivileged in rural communities.

Unveiled on Friday, January 10, at the Marriott Hotel in Accra, the Foundation is set to embark on its first charity tour dubbed: "Salma Feeds" on January 15 at Wa in the Upper West Region and is hoping to feed about 600 children as well as provide foodstuffs to two schools.

“In the quest of providing hope for children, Salma Feeds will feed 600 kids and provide foodstuffs to two schools in Wa on Wednesday, January 15. This is a commitment to the future, commitment to provide good education and health for the wellbeing of our future leaders,” she said.

Revealing what inspired her to start this project Salma Mumin said, "Growing up in Wa, I noticed there were many deprived children in our local community without hope of what they can be in the future.

"Some spend their school time begging for money and food on the street. Others don’t grow to achieve their full potential because of hunger and complications from malnutrition.

“It’s the responsibility of each and every one of us to save these children. It’s our duty to provide opportunities which these children are deprived of through death, broken homes and poverty."

Salma commended the government and stakeholders for providing feeding programmes and opportunities for less privileged children across the country.

However, she lamented that those in the Northern part of Ghana are often denied some of these benefits.

“I commend all organisations, both private and government, who are putting in efforts to create mentorship and feeding programmes for individuals but unfortunately this help hardly extends to the slums of the Northern part of Ghana,” she stated.

The actress revealed that the Salma Mumin Foundation is open to any form of partnership or collaboration in order to extend this project beyond feeding and provide material things such as school uniforms, chairs, tables, bags, toiletries among others to better the lives of these children.

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