90% of people on social media live fake lives – Yvonne Nelson

By: myjoyonline.com
Yvonne Nelson fake social media lives
Yvonne Nelson

ACTRESS and producer Yvonne Nelson has said the life many people live on social media is fake.

Speaking to Adom News’ Sandra Akakpo the actress stated that 90 percent of people are either trying to impress their followers or get followers.

“It’s not only in Ghana but everywhere,” she added.

She said, “you can see someone on social media in a private jet but the person may be a musician shooting a music video or the plane may not be moving, but people see it and think about all the luxuries they don’t have.”

Yvonne Nelson said many people who dwell on the luxuries of such people are only worrying themselves unnecessarily.

“It’s all a lie, social media is all about the fake life,” she stated.

The actress said she does not go beyond herself to impress anyone and all her social media posts prove that.

The movie producer is not the only celebrity to speak against the life people live on social media.

Actress, Martha Ankomah in an interview on Hitz FM said social media has caused more harm than good to society.

According to her, the lives of some social media users can make a person feel they have not achieved anything in life and question their very existence.

Martha Ankomah said, “sometimes you think there is nothing happening in your life when you wake up in the morning. If you are not careful, you will think of doing something just to get the attention.”

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