RiRi would look sick with shaved hair—Adwoa Aboah

By: contactmusic.net
Adwoa Aboah
Model, Adwoa Aboah

MODEL Adwoa Aboah thinks Rihanna would look ''sick with a shaved head''.

The 26-year-old model - who is a Global Brand Ambassador for Revlon alongside Ashley Graham and Imaan Hammam - has revealed that her trademark shaved hair happened because she never ''had a proper loving relationship'' with her tresses.

Speaking to ELLE UK magazine, Adwoa Aboah said: ''It all started when I had a really bad haircut! I'd just moved to LA and went to a new hairdressers and ended up with this weird Vidal Sassoon-style sculptural cut that was a nightmare to look after.

''I've never had a proper loving relationship with my hair anyway so the idea of doing anything with it at all just became really exhausting - it felt natural to just shave it all off.

''Dree Hemingway just shaved her hair and she looks epic, and Dilone has gone really short which I love. Rihanna would look sick with a shaved head.

''But, there's some girls with amazing hair that should never shave it off. When I see their hair, that's when I get a bit envious. Solange has the best hair in the whole entire world so she should just keep it forever!''

The founder of 'Gurls Talk' confessed she grew up with a lot of ''insecurities'' because the fashion industry lacked diversity.

Adwoa Aboah explained: ''Growing up was a confusing time for me, luckily I had amazing strong and powerful women around me in my family and friends, so they were the ones I looked up to.

''I had a lot of insecurities, but my freckles were never one of them because my mum and my uncle have them as well, so I always loved them.

''I look through magazines now and I see loads of different women that I can relate to and who are admired for being different, which I think is so amazing", Adwoa Aboah added.