No regrets leaving banking for fashion—Fafali

By: Delali Sika
Fashion designer, Fafali Esinam Amengor
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WHEN she quit banking two years ago to go into fashion, some of Fafali Esinam Amengor’s friends did not understand why she would leave a job that assured a monthly salary be on her own and were sceptical about her success.

However, she did not allow the sceptics to deter her and she birthed her clothing and accessories line, SnS and two years down the line, Fafali tells Showbiz that she has no regrets about her decision.

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“I do not regret leaving banking to take up fashion; it was not an easy decision for me because of how people see the banking industry, that you are at least guaranteed a monthly income.

"They have a point but as it stands now, I have no regrets doing that, I am following my passion,” she said.

Fashion designer, Fafali Amengor

In choosing fashion, Fafali followed her mother and two sisters who are also in the industry and said she was surprised at how quickly the brand had grown.

“SnS officially came to life six months after quitting my job as a banker. I knew there was no going back to the corporate world and I had wanted to run my own business for a long time.

"Venturing into fashion after quitting my ‘9-5’ job wasn’t really a surprise since two of my sisters and my mum are already established in the industry.

“It’s been almost two years since we launched our first collection, a men’s brand and it sometimes amazes me how the brand has grown in two short years.

A design from SnS

'Now we produce designs for men, kids and ladies. We also have an accessory and interior decor line which is thriving,” she said.

SnS has designed for presidents and other prestigious clients and Fafali Esinam Amengor told Showbiz, she gets top clients because of what the brand stands for.

Fafali with former president of Ghana. HE Jerry John Rawlings in a SnS creation

“It’s about the brand identity we have and how we have been able to set ourselves apart from the rest.

"SnS has a special service we call the SnS Premium Service, where we tailor services and products for personalities. This specialised service is for targeted clientele and we work hard to make it happen,” she said.

Foot wear from SnS

With her mother and sisters already in the industry, Fafali admitted that it was easier to fit into the system and was grateful for their advice.

“Tips, guidance and advice from the fashion veterans in my family have been enormous for my brand and its growth.

"I count myself lucky having learnt from experienced hands. It was easy for me to know exactly what I wanted to do to stand out,” she stated.

A model in a SnS outfit

Fafali Esiman Amengor, who Bachelor of Arts degree in Food and Nutrition from the University of Cape Coast had some advice for those who want to be entrepreneurs.

“I always tell young people to take their time in the process, start small, work upwards and never look back.”