Models are not brainless people —Enyonam

By: Linda Safoa Antwi
Ghanaian model, Enyonam
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FOR Ghanaian model, Lucy Enyonam Woegah, although progress has been made, the truth is that the modelling profession has never really gotten the respect that it deserves.

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The poor pay models receive coupled with the negative perceptions about them like they being too loose or promiscuous make it hard for them to be appreciated.

For burgeoning model, Lucy Enyonam Woegah, such negative perceptions are discouraging to people like her who want to make this their life’s work.

“Such comments don’t help at all. People have a lot of misconceptions about modelling which isn’t fair to us.

"Modelling is not about sleeping around or parading naked. It is an art and those of us in it take it very seriously.

“I wish people would take what we do seriously as well. You know, modelling is a profession just like any other.

People should treat us like they treat other professionals like nurses, doctors among others. We are not brainless, we know what we do,” she told Showbiz recently.

Enyonam became interested in modelling around five years ago when she was at Ekumfi Ameyaw Senior High School in the Bono Ahafo Region. Her friends thought she was photogenic and felt she would do great as a model and encouraged her to go for it.

That encouragement certainly helped so when an audition for models came up and a friend bought her forms, she gave it a shot and got lucky as she was selected and so she bagged her first gig, which was for Nadia Buari’s Fashion Parade.

Since then Enyonam has done mostly photo modelling and has been in some commercials for Stars Energy Drink and Vodafone’s Yee Twi Ko promotion. She has also featured in some music videos for artistes like Yaa Pono, Dee Money, Nii Funny and others.

She recently featured on the cover of the London LeBlanc magazine and she tells Showbiz, she is loving the path she has taken in spite of the negative perceptions.

“I love modelling and I really hope to take it far. I want to go international and be a supermodel and I am willing to do all that I can to achieve that. I am not bothered about what people say, I am focused on what I am doing and nothing will distract me,” she said.

Her willingness to do anything to further her career includes posing nude but all within reason and as long as it is for art and as she puts it “the form of the shoot.” She also hopes to hit the runway soon.

As passionate as she is about modelling, she wishes it could pay better. “Modelling doesn’t pay much in Ghana although it’s improved. Out there on the international front, it pays well and that’s why I am striving to get there,” she stated.

Enyonam is the second of four children to her parents and is also a student at the Excel Aviation Institute.