Mel Arthur holds ‘Nyɜ Kɛ Wɔ’ photography exhibition

By: Kafui Amedoe
Mel Arthur traces fashion's evolution with Nyɜ Kɛ  photography exhibition
The exhibition explored the essence of fashion in our lives
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FASHION photographer Mel Arthur has held his first exhibition dubbed: "Nyɜ Kɛ Wɔ", which came off at Ariasville at Airport Residential Area, Accra from Friday August 23 - 30.

The exhibition explored the essence of fashion in our lives. Taking inspiration from the women in his family, Nyɜ Kɛ Wɔ which is Ga and translates as ‘yesterday and tomorrow,' highlights the fashion trends from the 90s to contemporary times.

Speaking with Graphic Showbiz about the event, Mel Arthur said the exhibition, which is his first project, showcases his specialty as an artist who documents youth culture and the themes that influence him.  

“My great-grandmother, grandmother and mother were the people I looked up to while growing up and their style fascinated my young mind a lot. Interestingly, I borrowed their clothes to construct the new fashion styles,” Mel said.

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Other major female influencers of his fashion style are the late actress, Suzzy Williams and Hiplife artiste, Mzbel.

Mel Arthur's fashion influences are varied

Male influences include the late Tupac Shakur, P-Diddy and ‘returnee’ uncles from Hamburg and the Bronx who wore baggy clothing, knock-off jewelry and beanie hats with swag and elegance.

“Basically the whole exhibition is to highlight the old fashion trends and how they are gradually creeping into modern times unknowingly. Our style is more accessorised to meet modern tastes but the foundation of our style is obviously borrowed from our parents and older generation,” he stated.

Find some more pictures below:

Mel Arthur busy at work on his pieces for the exhibition

Mel borrowed clothes from his great-grandmother, grand-mother and his mother to make modern designs