Lololi Quashigah: Definition of versatility

By: Delali Sika
Lololi Quashigah
Lololi Quashigah
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THE problem with many versatile people is that they have difficulty deciding which area to specialise in because they are skilled in all the areas and that is the dilemma of 15-year old Lololi Ama Quashigah.

The intelligent and eloquent young lady is a fashion designer, she paints, she draws, she acts and works with ceramics and her love for all of them is the reason why she cannot decide on what she wants to be.

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“I do not want to be put in a box, I believe I have so much to offer and currently I just want to put all my talents to use. If you ask me what I want to become in future right now, I cannot point out let’s say A or B.

“I can act, I design, I love ceramics, I draw, I paint etc and I am exploring all that. To be honest, I don’t know what to put my full concentration on, I’m just doing everything, combining all of them. When I grow up, I will know what to do,” she told Showbiz recently.

Lololi Quashigah makes the saying that ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ true; she is the daughter of multi-talented filmmaker, Ivan Quashigah, who is well known for the Things We Do For Love and YOLO series so it is not surprising that she is doing big things at such a young age.

At age 12, she established her own company, which her parents help her manage. The company she set up is known as Lololis.Co, a talent development organisation which manages talents like her and seeks to make them known faces on the world stage.

She has played the role of Ann on YOLO and she told Showbiz, that was where her love for acting was born. “It has become something I have interest in since I starred in YOLO.

"It was fun and I enjoyed every bit of it and for me that is it, once I fall in love with something, I pursue it and it has become something that I would want to explore as well,” she said.

However, she might be better known to most people for her fashion designing skills and her collections for both adults and kids. She also runs the Lololi Fashion Show and has held three shows already.

She held the fourth one recently at the Palmas Hotel on the Spintex Road. It saw designs from African Fits, Formal Fits and Burlap Inc and young people like Ama took to the catwalk.

The highlight of the show was Ama’s use of jute sacks to bring her designs to life and they were clearly delightful to the guests.

The event saw the likes of Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Darkovibes, who is best known for his songs Tomorrow and Mercy and DJ Switch giving splendid performances.

Currently, a Visual Arts student at the Akosombo International School and running a company while exploring her many talents has obviously not been easy for the composed girl and she admits it.

“it has been very strenuous; tackling school and having your eyes on a business you birthed and others is not easy but it all boils down to planning.

"My parents and my team have been supportive throughout the journey so although not too easy, we have managed the situation and we are still doing so,” she said.

Ama told Showbiz, she is grateful to her parents for allowing her to be herself. “I know if it were some other parents, they would not be okay when one of their children comes and says I want to venture into the entertainment industry at age 12.

“But mine are different, they are very tolerant and not controlling. When there is a need to get me back on the path, they do but it is not in a harsh manner. I want to thank them for their support and all, I really appreciate them", Lololi added.

Lololi Quashigah

The last of three children, Lololi Ama Quashigah is aiming to go beyond the country’s borders with her talents.

“I want to be known worldwide with everything, I want to be the best in all I do and that is what I am working at.

"One thing I know for sure is that, I do not see myself leaving the arts industry and pursuing something else", she said.

Above:Some of the designs of Lololi Quashigah