Leather bracelets

One of the leather bracelet
One of the leather bracelet

Are you a lover of bracelets? Then you would certainly love the new leather bracelets provided you are not allergic to leather.

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Leather bracelets are in vogue and this time they look extremely striking to adorn. Leather bracelets come in various shapes and styles.

Some are unisex and there are others designed specifically for men, women, girls and boys. That of the girls and boys comes in the colours and characters of their various cartoons.

Some of the styles include Leather Heart Cord, Leather Cord Wrap, Bound by Bracelets, True Hearts bracelets, Beach yoga bracelets, Stud muffin cord, Magical Pearl Wrap, Cool Studded Stuff and get Hook on Braids. 

Others are Night Owl Bracelets, flexible Bracelets, Stylish Gem Bracelets, Barbie Bracelets, Happie Cord Bracelets, Kiss Me Now Wrap, Leather Cow Boy and Girl Wrap, among many others.

Although leather bracelets are unisex, the men seem to love it more than the women. 

There are simple straps you can wear to work and other formal functions while there are the sporty, funky and crazy types of leather straps you wear exclusively for informal events.

Never wear more than two or three wrap-around bracelets on one hand. Even when you do, layer them with one charm bracelet.

Remember simple is nice, therefore, don’t over wear the leather bracelets.