Handbags, great fashion accessories

Satchel bag
Satchel bag

When it comes to mixing and matching your bags, a lot will depend on why you want to carry a bag. 

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If it is to make a fashion statement then go for something trendy and in vogue. If you want to project a conservative look your best choice would be subtle or dark colours.

Embellished bags are trendy and fun for parties and social events. When accessorising a multicoloured dress opt for just one colour on the dress to create the right balance.

Bucket bag

A bucket handbag is a bag cut and shaped to look like a bucket. They come in a large variety with a strap and a zipper on top.

It is very practical and allows a full view of the bags’ content. The straps are sometimes adjustable to suit what length you prefer.

Hobo bags

A hobo bag is characterised by its oval shape and small handle which can be easily carried over the shoulder or left to hang freely on your arm. 

They have a crescent shape and can be very stylish to suit every ladies taste.  However, they are not overly big and are perfect for women who do not have much to carry.   

Satchel bags

This is a bag that has both a strap and a handle on top. It also has a snap lock or zipper on top to provide closure for the bag.

They are named after old school satchel bags and have a rectangular and flat bottom shape to prevent it from tipping over.

These days they come in trendy and flashy colours