Are face towels taking over from handkerchiefs?

By: e-mail from Sandra
What happened to handkerchiefs?
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 FACE towels. Hm. Some years back, if you were to ask some of us for the uses of face towels we would have said it is used for bathing. Yes, that’s what we used those small soft and comfy towels for. Call me archaic.

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In modern times however, the story is different. It is not uncommon to find men using face towels as handkerchiefs.

The common colour of face towels used by the younger generation is white. I am almost being tempted to caution those who cannot maintain the whiteness of their face towels about making that choice of colour.

Agh, some of those towels I see being used by their carriers are nothing worth writing about. White-turned brown flannels. “Kai”. I wonder how often those are washed.

A gentleman I happened to meet this morning told me that he has three face towels. He uses one every other day. I couldn’t believe my ears. What he actually was saying was that he uses one white face towel for two days. His looked so brown and oooo, gosh! I don’t want to remember …

The whole point of using a face towel is to clean your face. But if you take the spreading power of bacteria for granted, that seemingly harmless little towel could potentially introduce new germs into your system. I’m serious.

Even freshly washed face towels aren’t completely germ-free. How much more those that have been used to wipe dead cells on the face, salty sweat and in some cases, facial oils?

Laundering your face towel regularly may not kill every germ it contains, but it will lessen the overall amount of bacteria and decrease your chances of catching a skin disorder. Hmm, modernism!

Not too long ago, I saw a gentleman who had a severe cold. His nose was dripping by the minute. One would have thought he would use a handkerchief to dab the slimy drippings, not so? Hmm, modern man. 

He was using this thick white face towel for the purpose. In fact, I had met him at an official gathering. When he extended his hand to greet me during a time of introduction I declined his pleasant gesture.

Agh, I didn’t have baby wipes or a bottle of sanitiser on me. How was I to scrape off all those germs and possible transfer of col?. No way Jose. I looked “some way” in his eyes. But I had to protect myself from such unnecessary distribution of germs or bacteria.

Who said face towels should be used to blow one’s runny nose? How well can they be washed to ensure that all phlegms have departed the thick fabric? Are they ironed after being washed? I don’t think this is the case all the time. Shieeeeee. Is it gems some people are joking with in this manner?

What happened to handkerchiefs? And even with handkerchiefs some struggle to wash them well. So I can just imagine what is going on with this face towel vogue “somtin”. I don’t see many young men using hankies these days.

Perhaps, they think it’s old fashioned to, because as for the older men, they do. But hey, one way to express one’s manliness is to draw out a clean hanky from one’s pocket. They have a way of making a person classy; hankies really have a way of accentuating one’s style.

I just want us to draw our attention to the fact that yes, it’s okay to use face towels instead of handkerchiefs. But please, they should be treated neatly to avoid germ-spreading. See how this gentleman I met this morning has made me drift from actually writing about what I intended to tell you about.

I’ve been wondering what the essence of bulk messages sent to multitudes during special occasions really are supposed to mean? These days during Christmas, Easter, Eid celebrations, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, people simply compose messages and forward to hundreds and hundreds of their contacts. Is that really the way to go?

Gone were the days when one had to make a conscious effort to enter a shop, read the words of many cards to find the appropriate ones, and buy for one person. It was quite a laborious task because sometimes you didn’t even quite find the card that carried the right message you wanted to carry across to the recipient.

Presently, social media has made life really easy for us all. With one hit of a button your composed message can be sent to as many people as you desire. It makes me wonder whether shops that sell cards make any sales at all. With the influx of ecards and ewishes …anyway.

Someone sent me a Happy Father’s Day message on Sunday last. That’s what has sent me thinking so much. I was very surprised, one, because I was not her father; two, because I was not a man. After having a good laugh, I called her and told her to be careful with the way she handles multiple recipient posts.

It’s obvious that many persons these days send bulk messages to people on special occasions. But could that mean we do that without really meaning what we type? Seriously. How can you convince me that those generic messages could apply to the way you feel about the multitude you forward them to? How?

I have concluded that those messages are forwarded to simply fulfill “all righteousness”. Hahahaha. If you’re guilty, say “Aye”.

Never mind, there’s room for repentance. Henceforth, do well to compose a “one-man-one-seat” kind of message to various people. Let’s mean what we type. My space is done. Catch you again on this side next week. Have a restful weekend.

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