Chameleone divorced over 'cruel' marriage

Chameleone and Daniella
Chameleone and Daniella in happier times

UGANDAN musician, Jose Chameleone has announced that his marriage to Daniella Atim has ended.

Chameleone, real name Joseph Mayanja posted on his social media pages that he was heartbroken but he had to make the decision.

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The celebrated Afrobeat musician who sings in Luganda, English, and Swahili said that he is now a single man but that he is not searching for love.

“I failed, I was not the best I could be!…I let you be Be Daniella. God bless you always. I can’t prove myself more than I have… You have been everything but enough is enough, I wish you the best,” the singer wrote.

Wife filed for divorce 

Daniella Atim last year went to court seeking to divorce her husband.

At that time, Daniella accused Chameleone of cruelty, saying that the singer would beat her for no reason whenever he returned home.

She said the musician would come home drunk and beat her up leaving her with wounds and in emotional turmoil.

However Chameleone, in a response, stated that there would be no divorce and that he loved his wife very much.

Blamed haters

Chameleone denied divorce reports saying he was a catholic who did not believe in divorce and blamed the reports on haters whom he said wanted him down.

The celebrated couple wedded on June 7, 2008 at Biina Catholic Church Luzira in Nakawa Division.

The couple had five children, namely Abba Mayanja aged 11, Alfa Mayanja, eight, Alba Mayanja, four, Amma Mayanja, three and Amani Xara Mayanja, six months

The multiple award-winning Chameleone  who was born on April 30, 1979, is the most popular musician of his generation in Uganda and beyond. 

He started his music career in 1996 as a DJ at the Missouri night club in Kampala and was later signed to the Kenyan record label Ogopa DJs, where he broke through with his first single, Bageya which featured Kenyan artiste Redsan.

Chameleone's musical style is a combination of Ugandan music, central African Rumba, Zouk, and Reggae. His first album, Bageya, was released in 2000.

By 2013, he had released 12 more albums, including Mama Mia in 2001, Njo Karibu and The Golden Voice in 2003, Mambo Bado in 2004, Kipepeo in 2005, Shida Za Dunia in 2006, Sivyo Ndivyo and Katupakase in 2007.

The rest are Bayuda in 2009, Vumilia in 2010, Valu Valu in 2012, Badilisha in 2013, Tubonge in 2014, Wale Wale in 2015, Sili Mujjawo in 2016, Sweet Banana in 2017 and Champion in 2018.

He is CEO of the music label Leone Island that has signed many musicians from Uganda and East Africa, including the late Moses Radio, Weasel, the late AK 47, King Saha, Papa Cidy, and Pallaso, Melody, Yung Mulo, Big Eye, Deejay Pius and many more.