Why Daddy Showkey won’t break vow to God

By: vanguardngr.com
Daddy Showkey
Ghetto star, Daddy Showkey
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VETERAN Nigerian musician and the ‘Galala’ exponent, Daddy Showkey has reiterated his resolve not to get rid of his signature dreadlocks, saying ‘as long as he lives, he cannot break the vow he made to God.’

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Recall that the Diana crooner some years back revealed that he promised God that if he makes him successful, no razor will touch his head. And years after he made that vow, Showkey is not ready to break it.

Speaking as a guest on a TV show anchored by comedian Ali Baba, who was represented by Sound Sultan, during the week, the Ghetto star said “I told God that if He takes me from ghetto to grace, I will not cut my hair again. That’s why I’m still carrying my dreadlocks. I have succeeded, so I won’t cut my hair.”

“Many people do it for fashion but I don’t do it for fashion. God has kept his side of the vow, so it is left for me to keep my part of the vow,” Daddy Showkey said.

Daddy Showkey known for his galala dance has carried his signature dreadlocks for 26 years now.

Daddy Showkey is a veteran Nigerian galala singer. His genre of music is called ghetto dance or simply ghetto.

He was popular in Ajegunle in the late 1990s. He was born as John Asiemo but is known as Daddy Showkey all over the Ghetto.

Some of the songs he has to his credit are Ghetto Soldier, Fire Fire, The Name, The Chicken, Shokey Again, One Day, Sandra among others.