Why comedians deliver jokes in Pidgin English—De Don

By: jivenaija.com
De Don on Pidgin English
Comedian De Don
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Nigerian comedian De Don, has revealed why most comedians deliver their jokes in Pidgin English.

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The comedian made this statement in an interview where he touched on several issues including the need for comedians to use a language that the general population can relate to.

According to De Don, the average Nigerian cannot communicate properly in fluent English thereby forcing the comedians to use the Pidgin English or their native languages which are easily understood.

He added that this situation is not limited to only Nigeria because in America and Europe, the comedians also use their local languages so that the audience can better understand their jokes

He said:

“When it comes to comedy shows, the average Nigerian fan always prefers jokes to be delivered in pidgin. But this is not peculiar to Nigeria.

“Even in the United States of America, comedians make jokes in their own varieties of Pidgin English.

“If you go to the French-speaking countries in Africa, you will find that entertainers, not just comedians, generally perform in Pidgin French.

“I think it is just natural for comedians to deliver their jokes in the local variety of Pidgin English because that is the language they understand best.

“The members of an audience connect more with the comedian on stage when he talks to them in pidgin.

“However, there is an exception: comedians don’t use pidgin when they are working as masters of ceremonies during corporate events", he added.