U.S. based illustrator calls Pete Edochie a bad actor

By: pulse.ng

A U.S. based illustrator, Lotanna Igwe Odunze has said Pete Edochie is a bad actor.

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Lotanna Odunze, who is widely referred to as Sugabelly, referred to Pete Edochie as a bad actor on Wednesday, November 6, 2019.

Lotanna Igwe Odunze

Pete Edochie is a really bad actor,” Sugabelly tweeted.

Odunze made the statement in a series of tweets, where she gave the reasons for her opinion on the acting abilities of veteran actor, Pete Edochie.

...He's been playing the same role his entire life. Acting isn't quoting proverbs. But Nigerians live and die by seniority so the older he gets, the less anybody is able to point this glaring elephant in the room out,” she opined.

Sugabelly, who runs an online platform where the Igbo language is being taught for a fee, went on to criticize filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan and veteran actor, Joke Silva.

The illustrator said Afolayan’s recent effort, Mokalik is ‘nonsense’.

Kunle Afolayan needs to refund me the over 1 and a half hours of my life I wasted watching his nonsense film Mokalik,’ she tweeted.

Though Sugabelly said Joke Silva is a pretty good actress, she chides the old actress saying she overacts.

Joke Silva is a pretty good actress but she overacts a lot. Not through her movements but through her voice. She always sounds as if she's reciting Shakespeare when she's meant to be chatting with her adult child at breakfast. Also, she doesn't have much variation in roles,” she said.

Fans of the Nigerian movie stars - especially Pete Edochie - won’t have any of Igwe-Odunze’s take on Nollywood and they are gunning for her head.

The illustrator maintains that Hollywood actors like Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt rank high as versatile and good actors.