Simi bans 'Yahoo' boys from buying her songs

Simi bans internet fraudsters from buying her songs
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IT'S apparent that Simi does not support wrongdoing of any form. On several occasions, she’s been heard expressing her views about some happenings in Nigeria which are not so encouraging, to say the least.

From the music industry to politics, with the latest being her future plans about her kids’ use of mobile phones and access to the internet, which she described as a scary place, Simi has yet again condemned the act of internet fraud among the youth.

The singer believes the illegal act of making money off unsuspecting victims is one of the vices which has positioned Nigeria in a bad light on the international front.

Simi, in an Instagram live video, expressed her thoughts about the phenomenon and rebuked persons involved in cyber crimes.

But a fan had a contrary view and challenged the singer, arguing that the same internet fraudsters, known in the local parlance as Yahoo boys she’s lambasting are the ones who buy her songs as well as watch her music videos on YouTube.

In reply to the fan, Simi stated without equivocation that if the youth are going to rationalise their wrongful activities by claiming that they patronise her works, then, they are barred from buying her songs or watching her videos until they change their mindset.

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