Kenya's Otile reacts to lousy sex revelations by ex

Otile Brown
Kenya famous singer Otile Brown
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Kenya' famous musician Otile Brown has been forced to react to the demeaning revelations made by his ex-girlfriend socialite Vera Sidika on how ‘poor’ he is in bed.

After Vera spilled the beans, fans invaded Otile’s Instagram timeline with all sorts of unflattering comments, a good number of them outright mockery of the artiste.

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And while Otile initially chose to remain silent, not even responding calls on his line, it appears all the trolls have eventually pushed him into reacting.

Unable to handle it, the musician has now turned off the commenting option to his recent posts so as to silence the trolls.

The latest episode of the online shaming game between the two ex-lovers started after Vera dropped her first single Nalia, which some fans interpreted as being inspired by Otile’s ‘wild game’ in bed.

Others concluded that Vera was crying out for Otile’s love after being jilted by the flashy artiste.

These notions seemingly didn’t sit well with Vera, who decided to set the records straight with damning Instagram Stories which have seriously bruised the artiste’s ego.

Musician Otile Brown with his ex-girlfriend Vera Sidikain happier times

In her clarifications, Vera entertained her fans with juicy tales of Otile’s pathetic game behind closed doors.

She even claimed that Otile learnt everything he knows about sexual intimacy from her. Simply put, Otile would never have made her cry in bed.

“He claimed I am a sex addict and would play with myself while he is sleeping. Who wouldn’t? If a man can’t satisfy you, no foreplay, no kisses, no touching just f**k and comes in 10 seconds. Of course you would play with yourself because he left you hanging,” she wrote.

In one particular conversation, Otile accused Vera of being a ‘sex addict’ and also masturbating while he slept next to her.

In response, Vera accused him of always finishing up the job quickly, leaving her high and dry. Through all this, she says, she still remained faithful to him.

The once inseparable couple had a bitter breakup last August, and have since been airing their dirty linens in public.