Msupa S slams Vera over Otile sex conversations

Msupa S slams Vera
Rapper Msupa S

Rapper Msupa S has bashed socialite Vera Sidika for publicly shaming her ex-lover Otile Brown, calling her behaviour ‘immature’.

In a series of tweets, the self-proclaimed has said the socialite is not being fair to the RnB singer Otile by sharing with the while world their sex conversations.

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“Disrespecting an ex and smashing him online will and has never been my thing… besides that, I have never gone bad or insults to my exes… Vera behaving like an adolescent arrested form one kid,” tweeted Msupa S.


A vexed Msupa S did not stop there and she went ahead to lecture Vera in a string of tweets.

“Vera is so immature. I can advise the media to stop glorifying this silly woman. How can she leak their sex conversations? Men please stand up with your brother Otile. This is not fair. Not good at all. This is disrespecting a man. Kindly help Otile. Hii sio poa,” she wrote.


On Monday Vera lit up social media by sharing demeaning revelations about Otile for having a ‘tiny’ male member and for his lousy game in bed.

The once inseparable couple had a bitter breakup last August, and have since been airing their dirty linens in public.