Khafi faces sack for ‘having sex’ on BBNaija

By: Linda Safoa Antwi
Khafi facing sack from UK police force for BBNaija actions
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BBNAIJA 2019 housemate Khafi Kareem is likely to be removed from her job in the UK for having sex on the reality TV show.

Khafi, a policewoman in the UK, is said to have defied orders from her superiors in the Met Police by joining this year’s show and had made things worse by having sex on live TV with fellow housemate Gedoni.

According to a report by the SUN UK, she is facing an investigation by Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards.

Her escapades in the BBNaija house has also not gone down well with some of her colleagues who have called for her immediate removal for tarnishing the image and reputation of the Police force.

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One Met source stated: “There should be no way back for her from this and her superiors will have to act.

“She fitted the mould perfectly for how the modern force wants to ­portray itself but seems to have got a bit too big for her boots.

“It’s hard to see how can she argue that she hasn’t brought the force into disrepute.”