I’ve cried many times for my career –Tim Godfrey

By: jivenaija.com
Tim Godfrey reveals tears he shed in the early days of his career
Tim Godfrey
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NIGERIAN Gospel singer Tim Godfrey has revealed the mental battles he faced when he begun his career in the music industry.

The “Nara” hitmaker in an interview with Punch’s Sunday Scoop, made it known that he battled depression for four years because his dream did not start as easily as he had wanted.

He made it known that even though he never thought about giving up on his dream, there were times when he kept to himself and cried because people started discouraging him.

Tim likened his journey in the industry to that of a farmer whose harvest is usually slow but bountiful.

He noted that God was taking him through the tough period to prepare him for the success he now enjoys.

He said:

“People sort of discouraged me but I wouldn’t say I wanted to give up. Sometimes, I stayed by myself and cried. Sometimes, I was frustrated and depressed but I never wanted to give up on my dreams.

"For about four years, I battled with depression, but giving up wasn’t an option. I kept pushing and believing God that one day, He was going to come through for me.

"Hunters get their meals immediately, but for farmers, it takes a while. When you check the harvest, it is always different.

"God took me through the drill of being a farmer. I would sow seeds, water it and protect it from enemies until it germinates for harvest.

It was a gradual process and I thank God for giving me the patience to stay true.”

Tim, who turns 40 on Monday 26th of August, revealed that there will be four days of celebration to mark his big day.

According to him, the four days represents the number of decades he has been on this earth.

“There will be four days to celebrate. Each day represents each of the decades of my life.

“There would be a thanksgiving concert, a novelty match, a series of giveaways for fans, and a private dinner for the launch of the Tim Godfrey Foundation,” he said.

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