Guys who go to shrines now safer to be with than those in church – Lepacious Bose

Lepacious Bose compares men who go to shrines with those who go to church
Lepacious Bose

COMEDIENNE and actress, Lepacious Bose is perplexed by the incessant danger associated with online hook-ups as well as dating people who are believed to be calm by virtue of the fact that they attend church.

She recalls that there was a point in time when “ladies would believe the guys they meet in church would be the good ones” but unfortunately, “these days the ones you meet in shrine are better and even safer.”

Lepacious Bose in an Instagram post was highlighting the danger associated with dating and marriage.

According to her, she’s heard very heart-breaking and bizarre stories about people’s relationships and seems not to understand what the problem could be.

She says: “I applaud those who take the risk and end up with great spouses but the stories I have heard about online hookups are so scary.

“Generally, we live in a crazy world now, you can actually live with a serial killer for years and not know, na make God Dey protect person.”

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