Falz: This Is Nigeria (Video)

By: Isaac Yeboah

Just when you think nothing more under the sun could confound you  because you’ve heard and seen it all, thence come something stickier than glue. It's new, fresh and explosive from Nigeria.

As Ghana grapples with the shocking expose of high place corruption in Ghana football by Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Falz (Folarin Falana) the son of a Nigerian Human Rights activist is emerging the new deal in Nigeria’s hip-hop industry.

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He is painting the Green-and-White nation of Nigeria in black-and-white in such a manner that leaves only controversy in its trail.

In a review by Vanguard Nigeria’s Arts Editor Osa Amadi titled This is Nigeria: Finally, hip-hop wakes up to Nigeria’s problem, Falz is apparently spot on because in 3 minutes, 42 seconds, he is able to expose the terminal ills of a country which prefers to play the ostrich.


“The artist is simply mirroring how the international community collectively sees all Nigerians as criminals. This, in essence, calls for everyone, especially the good people of Nigeria, to stand up and join in the fight to rescue the country from those who are bent on plunging it to ruin. After all, when the air is polluted, everybody inhales the toxic air”, argues Osa Amadi.

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