Davido body-shames female lawyer over political shade

By: www.pulse.ng
emale lawyer, T.Lolo has been body-shamed by Davido for shading him over his choice of presidential candidate.

Davido has body-shamed a female lawyer on Instagram after she threw shades at him over his choice of political candidate.

The Instagram user, who has since been identified as T.Lolo, accused Davido of selling his soul by promoting the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

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"Wait so David wants to throw his toys out the pram and sub wiz kid because he didn't want to sell his vote or sell his soul convincing the population to vote knowing FULL WELL that the candidate is thrash.

 "All of us here using our voices to remind people that they have a choice and this one wants to regress. Not everyone should get involved if your influence is going to be used to keep Nigeria where it is," Lolo wrote on Saturday, February 16, 2019.

 Unfortunately, the 'Fall' singer posted an angry response to protest the condemnation.

In his response, Davido body-shamed T.Lolo saying she has 'no ass and no tits'.

"The name is Davido not David, You dont know or you want to know me?? Make I start? You got a list and you know it! ooops.

 "No ass, no tits yellow teeth broke ass bitch keep my name out ya mouth, and stop sharing p*ssy around yoy filthy little thing. talking about I sold my soul? Walking around looking like Valeria Levetina.

"You got your 5 mintutes now bitch you can go back to your jobless no purpose having life! You sick bitch," Davido reportedly replies.

Davido has been in the news for his seeming support for the opposition party, PDP, which has his uncle, Senator Adeleke as a member.

T.Lolo defends herself after Davido's attack

In a video posted to reply Davido's harsh counter, T.Lolo brings attention to the impact of the singer's reaction on people around him and his social media followers.

"Man! It is 2019. Stop belittling a woman for how she looks and stop making everything about how she looks.

"No, ass no tits yellow teeth broke ass bitch... From where? My tits are good. Do you know what I mean?

 "It is sort of like there is nothing else to say. It is so normal or natural for a woman to be insulted on her physical appearance or be rated by her physical appearance. Or everything is just down to her physical appearance. It is so so sad.

"There are so many young boys that follow David... young girls that follow David.

"There is two little girls that he has brought into this world. All of these people are aiming for some kind of influence.

"And I think it is a bad example. What does my body have to do with anything?," she asks.

The Instagram user also noted that her video response was an advocacy to address the common issue her gender is faced against living in the Nigerian society.

"I am not gonna lose sleep over David. I did wanna highlight that we are still here.

"We are still in this whole thing where a man is gonna see you and if he does not like what you are bringing to the table, he is gonna analyse how you look."