Celebs more ordinary now due to Coronavirus–Simi

By: jivenaija
Simi talks about Covid-19 and superstars
Nigerian musician, Simi
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Simi has shared her opinion on the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic in the entertainment sector.

According to her Nigerian musician, some colleague musicians who consider themselves superior to their peers “seem more ordinary now” because the virus has shifted life priority.

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Simi believes that the showbiz industry has become less “showy” in recent times because the world is now standing on a cliff and nobody’s superiority matters in this crisis.

Although this might likely not be the end of the world, Simi suggests that it should be the beginning of a reset of perspective, essence, mindset.

She tweeted:

“Even your superstars seem more ordinary now. Lol. Showbiz is less showy when tomorrow is standing on a cliff. This should humble the fuck out of everyone

“This is likely not the end of the world; but for those of us here to witness it, it should be the beginning of a reset of perspective, essence, mindset. Cos las las we ain’t shit. We’re just here to be the most that we can be while the universe allows it.

“One second you have all these grand plans; the next, life is running circles around you. I feel like life is telling all of humanity, collectively “you ain’t shit.” Everybody’s priority is different now. Your goals are diff now. The point to life has shifted now. Fascinating!

“When we get on the other side of this thing, I wonder if we will have learnt anything. Cos people forget.”