Broken hearts everywhere!—Damilola Adegbite

Damilola on broken hearts
Actress Damilola

NOLLYWOOD stunning beauty, Damilola Adegbite, may still be a bit bitter about her marriage failing to go the distance and thus has got something against the menfolk.

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In a recent Instagram post, the actress berates the way some men treat women, saying, many men have made monster of women and thus deserve whatever diabolical spells that come their way as a result.

“Some men think they can toy with women’s emotions. What goes around comes around baby. Karma will soon come for you. When you watch Yoruba movies and people are having issues, they will tell them to go and look for who they offended. Where will you start from?

"Sometimes, I don’t feel sorry for some men when I hear women are showing them pepper. You are the ones creating monsters. If the shoe fits, please feel free to wear it. And catwalk in it if you like.

"And to my sisters, if he’s making you cry more than he’s making you laugh, please carry your bags and leave! Protect your sanity,” Damilola writes.

“Broken hearts everywhere. Some men are wicked. Continue, some of these girls you are hurting are witches. They will soon carry your names to their meeting,” she added on her page.

Celebrities like Comedian Ayo Makun, Ushbebe, Zynnel Zuh all reacted to her post in different moods. But when a certain follower of hers insinuated that her post is targeted at her ex husband, the actress got mad and blocked him off.

“ Wow, confessions are good for the soul. Maybe you may now be free of your demonic plan. Someone stated, right, stop trying to shade your ex,” the follower had commented and Damilola wasted no time in responding and passing her own judgment.

“ I feel like blocking you. You are blocked,” he responded with a pensive emoji.

Damilola Adegbite was once married to Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh after their romantic exploits in the Nollywood flick ‘Flower Girl’ but the marriage crashed just after two years.